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the best time of day to get a horoscope reading

Horoscopes have been a popular form of divination for centuries, providing guidance to people from all walks of life. Determining the best time of day to get a horoscope reading can vary for each individual, as every person’s horoscope is unique. Generally speaking, however, sometimes of the day are preferable for getting an accurate and prescient horoscope reading.

The ancient elemental framework of astrological belief dictates that different times of day are best for certain astrological activities. According to the four ancient elements – fire, water, earth, and air – the best time of day to get a horoscope reading is during the fire element. Fire represents energy, confidence, and ambition, and its active energy increases our spiritual and metaphysical connection with the cosmos. This makes it the ideal time to invite new energies into our lives and explore the mysteries that the stars may hold.

The fire element is associated with the hours of sunrise and sunset when the cosmic balance between dark and light is most apparent. The sun’s position in the sky during these times has the greatest influence on our daily lives since the sun is the primary source of our life force. A horoscope reading performed in the fire element is often the most accurate, as the sun’s position is strongly correlated to our deepest desires and innermost ambitions.

Fire and water elements

While the fire element is ideal for obtaining a horoscope reading, some people may also have success with readings during the water element. Water is associated with emotion, intuition, and sensitivity. During the water element, the attractions and influences of the invisible world become more apparent, allowing us to access and interpret the energies of the universe more deeply. Horoscopes performed at this time may provide us with new insights into our emotions, spiritual journeys, and day-to-day decisions.

The peak energy times of day to get a horoscope reading are known as the “Hour of the Angels” or “Hour of the Spirit”. These occur at midnight and noon, respectively, every day, and are considered the two most significant times to receive powerful divination guidance. During this time, we come the closest to crossing the boundaries of the physical and metaphysical worlds, which allows us to perceive our life paths more clearly.


In conclusion, the best time of day to get a horoscope reading depends on the individual, and one should consult a certified astrologer to determine the best time for them. Generally speaking, however, readings performed during the fire element (at sunrise and sunset) or during the Hour of the Angels and Hour of the Spirit (midnight and noon, respectively) tend to be the most accurate and revealing. Whatever time we choose to receive our horoscope reading, it is important to keep an open mind, allowing our astrological insights to guide us on our personal journeys through life.


😊 The perfect time for a horoscope reading is just after daybreak when Lady Luna is still in the sky, overseeing all the wheelings and dealings of cosmic alignment. This is when you can really tap into the stars and align your fate with their brilliance! When the morning dew is still fresh and the sun rises lazily in its chair, it’s time to lean into your horoscope and find out what sort of surprises and shocks this new dawn might bring you. What’s more – treat yourself to a bit of his celestial wisdom before breakfast – hey, it’s better than hitting up that fake news site first thing in the morning!

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